A 1-2 hour session with Ono Pet Photography is $75 which covers the time and talent of the photographer only.  Products are a separate expense but a very important part of my service.  I will help you select the best ones and will even help you decide where to hang them.

Ono Pet Photography

Fairhope, Alabama



It's a collaborative effort to have a great photo session.  I always depend on the help of the owners to get their pet motivated.  Above, you can see the owner's daughter helping with the session.  Click here to see the outcome, which was really just a matter of my cropping the photo in post-processing to spotlight the dog.

So you think you'd like to contact me for a pet session!!!

But where do you begin?


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Kathie Ono, Owner-Photographer

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Sessions are always fun! As a photographer, I always have a vision of what I want to create, but sometimes the dogs have to be coaxed into it.  This is an outtake of a session.  Click here to see the final photo.

These little guys are waiting for you.  Contact

me here for a fun, personal session!!!

You can go here to contact me via email or call me at 251-490-5282.

We will meet prior to the actual photo session to learn about you, your pet(s), what type of products you might want, and where you would like the photos to be taken.

At this pre-photo session, we will schedule the day/time/location for the actual picture taking.

About 10-14 days after the photo-session, we will meet to go over the photos.  You will select those that you love for processing as well as the products you want. 

After you have picked your favorite photos, I will forward them to the photography lab and you should have your printed/mounted photos within two weeks.